Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs in 2021

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Let’s face it, motivation runs out eventually. Even the most dedicated, determined and committed one can hit a rough patch. You might have an endless supply of running quotes swimming in your head or motivational content on your timeline but without having the proper mental support what good is that going to do for you? It is what I believe makes the difference between someone who has all this content readily available but never takes care of themselves and someone who knows how to utilise their content for maximum results!

It can be a tough journey to find motivational content that actually works for you. That’s why, the point is not to ransack the whole internet for more inspiring, uplifting content but to find digital communities of people that help each other and hold you accountable.

And you might think that the only purpose of being on Facebook is to keep up with your friends and loved ones, promote your brand & spend that dollar on facebook ads to drive traffic to your website. However, in 2021, that’s far from the truth.

Facebook groups are great ways to not only keep up with your network of friends, but you can also work on gaining information that you need on your niche. You’ll be able to meet a lot of professionals who are sharing their expertise through Facebook groups and this is one way you’ll be able to get advice and inspiration from people who have been in your shoes before. It’s best to start adding as many professional Facebook groups as you can because it’ll help provide you with the support system and mentorship that most entrepreneurs need in order for them to succeed.

To make your search easier, I’ve highlighted 5 Facebook groups every entrepreneur should join for inspiration.

1. Freedom Hackers®️ Mastermind

Freedom Hackers®️ Mastermind is tailor-made for people like yourself. It’s a group that provides honest, useful information that you can apply to help promote your business. The events are also designed to provide you a certain level of comfort so that you feel invited to share sensitive information in this trusted environment. Between just a few of us mastermind members, we can all learn from these real-life business experiences talked about by those who are achieving remarkable business results

2. Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community

The Intrepid Entrepreneur Community was created by a group of like-minded people who all had one goal in common: to become location independent. This community is about helping each other reach that ultimate goal of spreading our wings (and it wouldn’t hurt if it includes some inspirational quotes and pictures along the way).

3. The Cosmos With Kimra Luna

Kimra aims to encourage budding entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the business world. She understands how important it is for these small businesses, especially when they don’t have enough budget to hire help. One way that Kimra helps entrepreneurs is by volunteering and sharing her expertise with them. For example, she shares her knowledge about human resources management by designing several custom templates that small businesses can use. Sometimes Kimra finds herself giving more advice than needed because some people take advantage of being in need of help. But because this is a free community, she welcomes everyone regardless of their intentions. If someone asks inappropriate questions they will be deleted from the group immediately so as not to create an inconvenience or spamming situation for other users.

4. Entrepreneur Hustle

Entrepreneur Hustle is for those who understand that hustle is critical to an entrepreneur’s success, and the community / Atlanta Group does just that with their free-to-join Facebook group talking about the latest topics relating to building a business while simultaneously providing an inspiring and friendly place for hustlers like us to learn, network, collaborate, share advice and support on what one can do today or tomorrow to have higher chances of making this entrepreneurial journey a success.

5. Coffee With Dan

Coffee With Dan is a place where entrepreneurs come together to celebrate each other and what they are doing in the world. Coffee With Dan brings people who want to operate their business more authentically and learn how to keep going when it’s hard in the same room together.

Final Thoughts

Facebook groups are wonderful tools that you can use to form a community of like-minded entrepreneurs around your product. The best part is, most of these resources are either free or low-cost and will also help you grow your business. By becoming an active member and asking questions as well as sharing the knowledge you’ve garnered from your own experience or even taking into account the advice given by other people in similar situations, you’ll be able to expand your product’s reach and expose it to more people who might actually find it useful!



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